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Bio fields

Announcement of the Closure of Business

Our Company has promoted the development of Bio fields business through the gene testing of domestic animals by the Agriculture and Farming Division with your support.

Due to various circumstances, we have decided to close the Bio fields business.
We would like to heartily thank you for your association over the years and offer our sincere apologies for the closure of the business.

Until the closure of the business, we are planning to carry out operations according to the following. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Last order to perform the gene testing of domestic animals: August 31, 2017

Closure date of Bio Fields Business: September 30, 2017

 Gene testing of domestic animals

Gene testing will allow you to select your domestic animals for traits which are economically desirable. Nichibo Co. Ltd. is a licensee of all patents described here. Nichibo Co. Ltd. will be offering the gene tests formerly provided by Prescribe Genomics Co.

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